The Showbizly photo gallery is a collection of pictures taken of Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant Joseph Hobbs with some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, business, and more. If you can name three famous and influential people within a given category (movies, television, music, sports, fashion, gaming, art, business, social media, and more) then chances are Joseph Hobbs has a picture with that celebrity. This photo gallery provides a search feature so that you can quickly find pictures of the celebrities by their names linked to the Founder & CEO of Showbizly (Joseph Hobbs). These pictures support the efforts of Showbizly to create content for brands that feature celebrities and events for social and digital media marketing. Furthermore, the photo gallery demonstrates the level of access that can be used to assist personal and business brands. Also, the photo gallery contains members of the team in photos with celebrities. Access to these photo galleries requires a password that can be made available upon request by returning back to the company's main website and completing the form at the bottom of the home page.